Viralnomics 101


What is Viralnomics in exactly 141 words.

Social media is a mindless endeavor for most. It’s a place where users go to shut off. That’s where the power of Viralnomics lies.  Experts are being created with less experience and knowledge than ever before. You will see that perception becomes reality quickly online. Those that learn to manipulate social media are already finding themselves miles ahead of the competition. You need to learn how to harness this power.

Viralnomics borrows from psychology, behavioral economics, social contagion theory, and years of anecdotal evidence on the web to teach you how to use viral marketing. Imagine being able to create a purposeful message designed to go viral within a chosen subgroup on any given day. That is what Viralnomics will teach you. Follow along as the sections of the book will be published online entirely for free as they are produced.

Interested? Here’s a bit more detail about the project and theory.

Viral marketing is the most powerful marketing tool at our disposal right? Who wouldn’t want thousands or even millions of people speaking about their business for free? But viral marketing is uncontrolled. Even if a viral message can be manufactured you don’t want it. At least not in the conventional sense. Viral marketing must serve a purpose. Viral marketing should and can be carefully planned and executed.

Viralnomics will teach you how to direct and plan your viral marketing

What if I told you that, after choosing your audience, you can create a message that finds it’s way to its target, latches on, and goes viral only within that group. The specific group that you want to sell your product to. The group that your product is designed for.

Viralnomics is not about producing the next big meme or YouTube sensation. It’s about controlling viral marketing and manipulating it to rise to the top of your industry. You need to get your product/service into the hands of the specific people it’s designed for. Achieve that and your customers will enjoy your product more. These are your prime consumers and the ones who will spread word about how great your company is to others like them.

If you’re looking for an adaptable system for your viral marketing deeply rooted in psychology, behavioral economics, and social contagion theory this is the place. Viralnomics will teach you:

How to Find Your Audience: I’m going to challenge you to think differently and understand why it is what you do. Only then can you figure out what audience you will appeal to. The next step is finding that audience. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how. It’s easier than you think in this interconnected world we live in.

What Makes Viral Marketing Go: I’ll start with a history lesson and what viral marketing should mean to you. From there you’ll learn about what the research says about social contagion theory. Last I’ll teach you how to find and build the roads to connect your message to potential buyers. These are the people who will share your material and you may be surprised to know that they’ve been right under your nose the whole time.

Symbolism – How to Say a Lot in a Little Space: In an over-saturated information world symbols have never been more important. You must be able to get your message across quickly and effectively. The goal is to allow the end user to have ownership over their own thoughts but you plant an idea in their head. I’ll teach you my focal point system so that you can develop your own symbols quickly and effectively.

Influence – How to Get People to Choose You: You need people to want to buy your product or service now that they’ve seen your message. You will learn about conscious listening, how choices are made, and motivational techniques that make purchasing your stuff right then and there a no-brainer.

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Viralnomics is being written entirely online. As I finish a section I will post it free of cost online and attach a downloadable .pdf version. You can be a part of, contribute to, and be in the book. Until it’s published the document will be kept open and changes can and will be made at any time. There are 4 ways to help:

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