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Hey, I’m Jon.

This site is where I detail my experiments and outline the systems that I use.

It’s a place where you’ll learn not just what makes stuff spread, but, more importantly, how to get stuff to spread purposely online.

Allow me to explain:

Viralnomics is both an idea and a theory.

It’s about the beautiful intersection between social media, behavioral economics, and expertise in your industry. behavioral economics and social media

This site is also about developing the life that you want, whether you’re a dreamer, a young entrepreneur, or a seasoned business owner. I’m not interesting in selling you a dream where you can sit on a beach sipping Mai Tai’s. What I want to help you figure out is how to get your message to spread to the people who will benefit from it most. That, and how to build efficient and scalable systems because it all comes down to good systems.

The articles here vary

My only rule is to write as short as possible and as long as necessary. The result is that some articles will be short, others quite long.

Sometimes I write more top of the mind pieces about what’s going on in my head. Usually it has to do with trends that I see or try to predict by trying to identify whether history is about to repeat itself.

Other times I’ll write about lessons that I’m learning. As I grow and evolve writing is my way of making sense of it and this way we all benefit. If you want to grow with me, please join my free newsletter.

Finally, I write detailed articles solving problems. It’s here where I outline systems to, as I like to say, do stuff better. The topics that these systems cover range but cover things like:

  • Funnel marketing flows for various desired outcomes
  • Strategies to reach more and predict the outcome of your actions on social media
  • Developing multiple income streams (some passive) that all work, support, and build on each other
  • Developing lead generation assets that work and convert for you without you having to touch them
  • Book writing and self-publishing for niches
  • Ways to overcome haters, idea fairy’s, and procrastination
  • How to put everything and everyone in place so that you can work remotely for days, weeks, or months at a time and not miss a beat
  • Ways to build value, trust, and sell with integrity as your #1 priority

I know that the name of the site is Viralnomics and, while going viral is cool, it’s not all that beneficial for most.

If you haven’t set up systems to capture the resulting traffic, generate traction from it, and have systems in place to continually add value to your new audience, there’s not much point.

The key for most is to get messages to spread purposefully, and that’s what I’m passionate about.

If that, or any of the topics above, sound interesting to you, the best way to get started is to join my free newsletter by entering your email below. I’ve got a few free gifts to welcome you with as well.

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