Jon Who?


Jon Goodman viral marketing viralnomicsWelcome to my Viralnomics, I hope you’re doing great! If you clicked here you’re probably wondering who I am. I’ve provided both a short and a long version.

The Short

I’m a personal trainer who wrote a book and started a website. Before long I became obsessed with the web. After 10 months of research I wrote a second book about social media. I quit personal training soon after to focus on this thing we can the Internetz. Currently I run,, and this site. I also consult with a chosen few internet entrepreneurs helping them build their Internet presence, develop a profitable email list, and understand social media. I’m from Toronto, Canada but hate the cold so moved to Hawaii to write this book… and learn to play the ukelele.

The Long

Let’s just say I’ve always been one to fly by the seat of my pants. My parents will attest my admittance that I’ve never responded well to authority and, as a result, I’ve never worked for anybody else. I’ve traveled extensively, met and worked with amazing people, and gave up my beloved personal training job to live and work remotely in Hawaii. Personal training was an amazing job, I just started to have too much fun and success on the web.

My journey started in December of 2009 when I decided to write a book for personal trainers. Ignite the Fire: The Secrets to a Successful Personal Training Career spurned the development of the Personal Trainer Development Center (thePTDC). thePTDC blog served as my avenue for exploration on the net. Since then Ignite the Fire has sold thousands of copies worldwide, is currently being translated to German, and is being used in college curriculum’s in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Slowly I became obsessed with social media but I seemed to look at it in a different way. When everybody else was arguing over the best ways to optimize a page I kept studying the end user. For 2 years I watched social media feeds like a hawk, filling notebooks with research from 5+ Facebook and Twitter accounts. When anything gained traction I needed to figure out why. I took note of who shared it, what they said, how others reacted, what the material was about, and any other factors I thought may have contributed to that posts success.

The result of that study was my second book, Race to the Top: How to Take Over the Social Media Feed which hit #1 in Amazon for both marketing and web marketing.

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Since I was young psychology has always fascinated me. In the previous 5 years economics, in particular behavioral economics, has got my attention. Viralnomics is the result of all 3 disciplines. It combines the social contagion theory from my own and other researchers work, psychology, and behavior economics. The result is a system for viral marketing that anybody can use.

So if you haven’t already strap yourself in. I’m going to take you deep into the world of social media from the users perspective. People go to Facebook or Twitter to shut off their minds. They use these medians to selectively self-represent to their audience. Now’s your chance. Give them an opportunity to look intelligent, intellectual, attractive, or funny and they will share your material. I’ll show you how. This is a book being written start to finish with the sections being published online as they are written. Put your email in the box below to make sure you don’t miss an update.

Catch up on what you missed. Click here to read all of the sections of the book that have been published so far.

I hope you enjoy the book,

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