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Your free gift should already be in your inbox but before you go and check, I’ve got a trade I want to propose.

Here’s the deal:

I wrote a report called the Diamond in the Rough System. It’s a breakdown of the steps I took to go from relative obscurity (trainer in a small gym in Toronto) to running the largest platform for my industry (personal trainers) in under 4 years.

This short report breaks down my best system for gaining influence from scratch, and I want to give it to you for free.

But there’s a but …

I’ll give it to you for free in exchange for you spreading word about Viralnomics.

Sound fair?

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Finally, I’ve put together a large book called the Status Update Solution. It’ll help you figure out what type of status update to use at what time based on your desired outcome.

You can get it via the link below:

Download the Status Update Solution here