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If you made it here than you’ve proven that you’re not a robot. Cool. I hate robots. Well, I don’t actually mind robots, but I don’t like robots on my site. So thanks for not being a robot.

To properly welcome you, I’ve got a couple of secret gifts.

The Diamond in the Rough System

The first is a short Ebook that I wrote which details a bit about how I was able to gain influence. I call it the Diamond in the Rough system and it’s already helped countless people like you in all different industries get articles in popular magazines and featured in newspapers.

It will help you identify the people behind the scenes who wield immense influence and give you a strategy for building and escalating a relationship with them.

Get the book by right clicking on the link below or picture and selecting “save link as”:

The Status Update Solution

This 125-page guide shows you how we get a minimum of 20% organic reach and often much higher than that.

Complete with tons of examples and explanations of the nuances of creating the perfect status update, your Facebook page might just become relevant once more.

Click here to download <– It’s a reasonably big file so give it a few minutes to download.

Here’s the posting schedule template mentioned in the book as well.



Finally I’m also on Twitter and Facebook so please join me there.


I’m tired. You tired? I’m tired.

Ok. Enjoy the books. You’ve got a lot to read. I suggest scotch, a foot rest, and slippers. Fuzzy slippers. If you can only do one, make sure that it’s the slippers.

OK bye for now.