To the awesome readers of Viralnomics: Full disclosure and transparency are important to me. I want you to be comfortable browsing the site and receiving emails. Therefore I’ll always be completely upfront about how this website act as a business.

In the Viralnomics newsletter and on the site I sometimes recommend products, other than ones we produce, and with those recommendations I often make a commission on referred sales. This commission is how I run the site and continue to keep the information free of cost and obtrusive ads.

The only products I will ever recommend are ones that I both believe in and that have passed my personal tests. What this means is that you should get excited. When I do recommend something it means that it is exceptional.

I will never recommend anything that I haven’t personally viewed, read, or listened to. If the product is a physical product I will never recommend it unless I have personally tried it out myself. If it isn’t exceptional quality, and I don’t believe it will help you or your business grow, I don’t and won’t recommend it. No exceptions.

My goal is to help you develop you business and make money. When you do the site benefits. It’s a win/win.

The success of the site and of my personal business starts and ends with my reputation. As such it makes zero sense, whatsoever, to recommend crappy products to you. I will never jeopardize my reputation for any type of commission.

Thank you for checking out Viralnomics.

To your continued success,

-Jon Goodman