I am not currently taking on coaching clients. Thanks for your interest.

“Jon is the best kept secret in internet marketing. He thinks outside the box and within a couple weeks he laid out the exact steps I needed to follow to build a money-making brand, from nothing!” – James Garland (

Update: Sept 15, 2013 – I’ve been getting a lot of coaching requests lately. This is good because it allows me to only work with those who have something truly special to offer. Still please feel free to apply but expect a but longer reply time than usual. Thanks – Jon

Be honest for a minute.

You found your way here because you have an interest in building an online brand in the fitness and health industries. Maybe it’s to support your offline business, maybe it’s to add in an additional revenue streams, or maybe, just maybe, you want to be able to have absolute freedom to travel the world with your computer.

IT’S NOT EASY to build up a following online. There are no ninja tricks and it’s not all Unicorns and Pixie Dust as you set out on your quest to find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. It takes passion, integrity, a heluva lot of networking, guidance and most of all, understanding the psychology of crafting your message in a way that will both make others care, and want to share it.

You’ve read my work and are tired of spinning your wheels. All you need is a coach to provide you with direction and guidance–add to that a passionate and super-cool group that offers support, holds each other accountable and brings each other up and you can’t fail.

I’m not interested in working with people who want help selling MLM (multi-level marketing) supplements or one-off products to sell six-pack abs. If that’s your thing, cool, it’s just not what I do. I’m here to teach you high integrity lead generation to build a brand that you’re proud of that helps people and creates the lifestyle you desire at the same time.

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When I personally work with people, THEY GET RESULTS.

That’s because I’ve set up my program to both offer one-on-one support AND include you in a group to network and learn from dozens of other brilliant, dedicated, and passionate online entrepreneurs in the fitness and health industries just like yourself.

Everybody supports each other and nobody holds anything back. Remember Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I.? He was cool right? Hell, he was as cool as it gets. Well that’s how everybody is in the Viralnomics EliteTM coaching groups–cool.

Want proof my programs work? Here’s an email from client and awesome dude, Jordan Syatt (

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