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throwball | jonathan goodman | viralnomics

Conversations With Myself – Throwball (ThrowBall / Throw Ball ?)

So is throw ball one word or two? –Haven’t decided yet. And it’s a game? –Yep. That you invented? –Yep. Can you tell me what the game is? –Soon. Later. It came about a number of years back in Australia. In Australia? –Yes. I was on an exchange. This happened over a long weekend. Halloween…

just write | viralnomics

Conversations With Myself – Just Write

So what did you want to discuss today? – No idea OK … – Figured that its been a while. Didn’t want to lose track of time. Umm. – So I thought I’d just write and see what happened I guess… – Often if I don’t know what to do I’ll take out a piece…


People Aren’t That Interested in You

A dim light in a dark room gets noticed. A bright light in an already lit room gets ignored. To stand out you don’t need to yell louder, you just need to find the dark room. – Viralnomics (pg. 91) The following is a slightly altered excerpt from my brand new book Viralnomics: How to…


A Big Thank You to the Viralnomics Launch Team

Below you will find every member of our Viralnomics book launch team, their website, and social media platforms. Each person on this list applied to receive an early digital copy of the book in exchange for a little promotion and an honest Amazon review before the book’s launch this past Tuesday. The team was full…


(Good) Short Books are Harder to Write Than Long Ones

At the end of The Dip Seth Godin wrote, “this book is really short. Short books are hard to write, but you made me do it.” Short books are painful to produce but they can have a greater effect than longer ones. This isn’t another article repeating drivel about diminishing attention spans. You’re better than…


The Viralnomics Book is Here (initial reviews are bonkers)

This book has been a 3-year passion project. I had fun with it. I struggled with it. And most of all, I’m proud of it.   Viralnomics is a theory that anybody armed with an in-depth understanding of their industry can get a message to spread purposefully throughout their desired network. In the past 4…